Shavuot at CBS (Ice Cream, Cheesecake etc.)


Dear Friends!
Non other literary or historical artifact affects the life of mankind, as much, as our holy Torah. Although, there is only one nation whose existence is determined by It - us, Jewish People. Our perception of the Torah is radically different from the universal. The Torah is not a artifact to us. If it were such, our people would have long taken their place of honor in the Louvre, the Hermitage, the London National Gallery, etc, as other nations of old. We would have been assigned several beautifully decorated halls full of artifacts related to once existed Jewish culture.
Torah for us is a lifestyle expressed in all the details of our existence: from birth to death, from falling asleep to awakening, from awakening to falling a sleep.
The beginning of the formation of the Jewish way of life occurred more than three millennia ago on Mount Sinai on a day that is celebrated as the Holiday of Shavuot - the Festival of the recieving of the Torah. Since then, in every generation, Torah has lived as the stellar of our existence. You and I are an integral part of the Jewish eternity chain through the Torah.
I want to invite you to the celebration of Shavuot - the Holiday of the Torah on May 16-18, to our Congregation Beth Shalom 2710 Ave X.
See the detailed schedule bellow.
Suggested participation in the expenses of the holiday - $15 per person. Children - free.
Dear friends, the activities of our community take place on a charitable basis. We will welcome your contribution to the maintenance of our activities.
Chag Shavuot Sameach
Rabbi Asher Altshul.
The 1st Day of Shavuot
Sunday, May 16
7:49PM Candles (Make sure to light a long-lasting candles prior to the Holiday candles)
7:45PM Mincha
8:30PM Maariv
11:30PM Night learning with Rabbi Asher Altshul. “Lactose Tolerance”

Monday May 17
9:00AM Shaharit
10:00AM Torah reading
10:30AM 10 Commandments
10:45AM Prayer for the sick
11:00AM Dvar Torah
11:30AM Priestly Blessing
11:45AM Kiddush
7:30PM 10 Commandments party
7:45PM Mincha
8:00PM Dvar Torah
The 2nd Day of Shavuot
Monday May 17
8:30PM Ma’ariv 
8:55PM Candles (Not earlier. From the existing fire)
Kiddush and Ice Cream party
Tuesday March 18
9:00AM Shaharit
10:00AM Torah reading
10:45AM Prayer for the sick
11:00AM Yizkor
11:30AM Dvar Torah
11:50AM Priestly Blessing
12:00PM Kiddush
7:45PM Mincha
8:15PM Dvar Torah
7:45PM Ma’ariv
7:56PM Havdalah/Kiddush HaLevanah
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