Тора. Ашер Альтшуль. «Прописка для Б-га» - Трума 5781. #грани​ #rawandfresh​
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ора Недельная глава Ки Тиса 5781 Ашер Альтшуль "Ради любви"
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Shabbat at CBS



Candles - 5:26PM
5:30PM Kabalat Shabbat
and Purim party goes on...


9:00AM Shaharit
10:00AM Torah reading
10:30AM Prayer for the sick
10:45AM Rabbi's speech
11:30 Kidush
sponsored by Tayzovitz and Brik families
in honor of David and Alex Birthday
5:15PM Mincha / Maariv
6:26PM Shabbat Ends

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Тора Недельная глава Тецаве Ашер Альтшуль "Встречают по одежке..."
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Purim at the CBS

Dear friends,

It is my honor and privilege to address you with this letter dedicated to the great Holiday of Purim as a Rabbi of The Congregation Beit Shalom.
I don’t believe in coincidences. It is Hashem’s plan that Purim will be the first Holiday we will celebrate together. The Holiday when: “The Jews had light and joy, and gladness and honor.” - Ester 8/16.

Purim is the day, when we can open our hearts and share the joy in unity and celebration with every Jew. I truly believe that we have a Divine opportunity to make this day a beginning of growth and success, while planting the seeds of mutual respect and unconditional love to everyone.

May we merit to share many moments of happiness together. Happy Purim.

The Purim 5781/2021 schedule at the Congregation Beth Shalom:
Thursday February 25th:
5:15PM Mincha
6:10PM Maariv / Megillah reading
Will be streamed, on ZOOM, as well
7:00PM Lechaim. 

Friday February 26th:
7:00AM Shaharit
7:45AM Megillah reading
Will be streamed, on ZOOM, as well
8:30AM Special breakfast
3:30PM Additional Megillah reading/Mincha
4:00PM Purim Party & Seudah: Kids entertainment, live music and a lot of fun with good friends
6:15PM Kabbalat Shabbat / Kidush and the party goes on!

Best regards,
Rabbi Asher Altshul

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Тора. Ашер Альтшуль. «Прописка для Б-га» - Трума 5781. #грани​ #rawandfresh​
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Тора Недельная глава Трума Ашер Альтшуль "Акация" 5781
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Тора Недельная глава Мишпатим Ашер Альтшуль "Вав" 5781
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Тора. Ашер Альтшуль. «613 (+7). За что нас так?». Итро 5781. #грани​ #rawandfresh​
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Shabbat Mevarchim Adar

Shabat Mevarchim

Shabat Mevarchim Adar

@ 11:30AM

Molad time for Adar

Friday February 12  6:19 (4 chalakim) AM

Rosh Chodesh will be on Friday and Shabbat February 12 &13

End of the time for Kidush Levana

on Purim :)

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