Shabbat at CBS

Candles - 7:40PM
7:30PM Minchah / Kabalat Shabbat

9:00AM Shaharit
10:00AM Torah reading
10:30AM Prayer for the sick
10:45AM Chazaq
11:15AM D'var Torah
11:30AM Kiddush and Seudah
sponsored by:
  • Altshul family in honor of the Rabbi&Rebetzen Chuppah Anniversary 
  • Geltman family in memory of Yakov ben David Z”L
  • Bezenchuk family in memory of Rivkah bat Avraham Z”L

  • 7:30PM Women Tehilim group
7:30PM Mincha / Light Seudah Shlishit / Avot
8:40PM Maariv / Havdalah

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Тора Недельная глава Ваитханан 5782 Ашер Альтшуль «Модный Б-г»
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Rabbi Asher Altshul "Vayitchanan" 5782 "Instyle G-d"
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«Нанавижу» Дварим 57822 - Ашер Альтшуль. #грани. #rawandfresh
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«Йорцайт» Матот-Массэй 5782 - Ашер Альтшуль. #грани. #rawandfresh
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Тора Недельная глава Матот-Масэй 5782 Ашер Альтшуль «Клуб Путешественников»
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Book Of Remembrance 5783 / 2022-23

Dear friends,

Every year the Book Of Remembrance (BOR) is published by Congregation Beth Shalom to commemorate the memory of our loved ones. The booklet plays an important part in Yizkor services on Yom Kippur and throughout the year.

The publishing of the BOR possible is possible only due to your dedications and contributions.

This year we offer a opportunity to reserve e a page, 1/2 a page etc. online.

It is very simple:

1. Press on the link below.

2. Fill out the form following the instructions and press submit.

3. You will receive an email with the link to your form. You will be able to edit the form at any time.

3. Confirm the dedication by responding to the email that you will receive with the final version of the dedication.

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Rabbi Asher Altshul "Matot-Massei" 5782 "Geographic Society"
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«Человек Невидимка» Пинхас 5782 - Ашер Альтшуль. #грани. #rawandfresh
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Rabbi Asher Altshul "Pinchas" 5782 "Tolerance"
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