About our Synagogue

Or Azion Congregation

Or Azion community is home for every Jew without regard to his/her background, level of observance, age, or ethnicity. It was formed not as community, but a small study group of Judaism enthusiasts Rabbi Asher Altshul and that held their meetings at Rabbi Altshul’s home.

It all started in 2003 and evolved out of just one class where Rabbi Asher Altshul was teaching about Jewish tradition and philosophy for few friends into a fully functioning and self-sustained community.

At first, were held meetings at Rabbi Asher Altshul home, and then the Rabbi was offered to conduct his classes at the local Jewish center - Jewish Center “Nachalat Zion”

Today it is a family-oriented community with over a thousand affiliated members. Daily classes in Judaism, Hebrew and Jewish history, religious services, community, and personal celebrations are just a few examples of Or Azion's life.

Our community became a place where every Jew, not even necessarily of Russian-speaking background, finds his way into Judaism. Most of our congregants are not necessarily orthodox in common understanding – everyone moves in their own direction and pace in exploring Judaism.

In Hebrew, there is no word for "synagogue," but there is a word "house of gathering." And this is our house of gathering, where people meet and communicate, study, celebrate and find support in times of sorrow. Every single Friday night, about 100 people come to celebrate Shabbat like one big family. Holidays celebrations are attended by hundreds of people of different ages and backgrounds.

We want to be a place where people have a good time and feel the comfort of the community and warmth of Judaism.

We are currently based in the Jewish center “Nachalat Zion” – it is a large building, where several organizations share the space. At first, we were just one of the programs that the center was offering, but gradually we evolved into a whole community. And we are always looking forward to growth material and spiritual. Our goal is to build a place that we all will call home and where we will feel at home.

As a non-profit organization Or Azion relies solely on private support and grant opportunities to continue providing its wide range of services.

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