About our Synagogue

Or Azion Congregation

My name is Rabbi Asher Altshul. I wasn’t born a Rabbi, not ever “Asher”. My family was a successful assimilated Jewish family in the former Soviet Union. However, while being a teenager, I discovered my Jewish identity and became active in the semi-underground Jewish life in Odesa, Ukraine with my family to follow.

After years in Yeshivah in Israel, IDF service, high-tech carrier, and secular education, I found myself leading a Russian-speaking Jewish community. The community where I can share my love for Judaism, creative approach to tradition and constant outreach to more unaffiliated Jews.

It was created fifteen years ago by Rabbi Asher Altshul. The desire of a home study group to explore Judaism in informal way very quickly evolved into a fully functioning, self-funded community. Today it is a family-oriented community with over a thousand affiliated members. Daily classes in Judaism, Hebrew and Jewish history, religious services, community, and personal celebrations are just few examples of Or Azion's life.

Currently, the community hosts all its activities at the Jewish Center “Nachalat Zion”, where Or Azion shares the space with 3 other organizations and is not able anymore to accommodate all the members.

We believe that the time has come for our community to acquire its own place where it can continue its growth. We want to create a place where every Jew, regardless of his/ her level of observance, social or religious background will be able to develop, explore and enhance his/ her Jewish identity.

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